Monday, July 1, 2019

Free Social Music Discovery App LÜM Launches To Boost Emerging Artists | hypebot

image from s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.comLÜM has launched its its iOS app designed to connect merging artists with new fans. The Madison, WI based startup recently closed their $1.2 million seed financing and recently partnered with concert promoters Frank Productions.

LÜM's goal is to decrease the disparity between mainstream and undiscovered music by leveraging streaming with the amplification of social media. Artists upload their content and connect with fans on LÜM’s platform. Fans can easily share music with friends, create playlists and become influencers on the platform by discovering and sharing up-and-coming artists.

image from“This generation of artists and fans are more than just the sum of their streams,” said Max Fergus, CEO and co-founder of LÜM. “We want artists to use their fans and communities as a catalyst for their growth, and LÜM is really the first platform to provide that connection.”

With support from Frank Productions, LÜM will be hosting a launch concert of hot up and coming artists at the Majestic Theatre in Madison on July 11th.

LÜM For Artists

Here are the key elements of what LÜM offers artists at no cost.

Artist icon 1

Audio File Hosting and Streaming
Unlimited free uploading and sharing.

Artist icon 2

Exclusively Emerging Music
Be seen! Don't get drowned out by the corporate noise.

Artist icon 3

Grow Your Brand
Connect directly with fans to magnify your reach like never before.

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Collaborate with Artists
Join forces with rising artists to produce new content.

To post and start promoting music, download the ioS app and sign up free as an artist.


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