Monday, July 1, 2019

Beatport Adds Offline DJ Locker in Pioneer DJ's rekordbox | hypebot

image from www.billboard.comDJ focused music subscription service Beatport LINK is now available in Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software. The public beta is currently available on Mac only, but will be available for Windows soon.

With the new rekordbox integration, laptop DJs can take 50 (with Beatport LINK PRO) or 100 (with Beatport LINK PRO+) tracks offline in rekordbox to be played in a club without an internet connection  Additionally, the streaming audio quality has been raised to 320kbps MP3 files. 

Beatport LINK, which allows DJs to stream Beatport’s six million tracks catalog directly into DJ performance software, is designed to complement the core digital download store.  Subscribers can preview and mix full-length tracks from an extensive catalog, before purchasing the standout tracks for their download collections. 

Further integrations with other leading brands are coming later this year. 

Beatport’s CEO, Robb McDaniels, commented,

“At present, most DJs can’t easily stream music directly into a club set-up. With our offline locker technology, laptop DJs can now store tracks offline to play without worrying about Wi-Fi. This game changing technology will give DJs a huge selection of new tracks they can confidently take to gigs to combine with their download collections. We’re excited to work with Pioneer DJ on this next evolution, and you can expect further integrations throughout 2019.” 

Both Beatport LINK PRO and Beatport LINK PRO+ are available with a 30 day free trial. Instructions on how to use Beatport LINK in rekordbox beta can be found here



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