Thursday, July 11, 2019

4 Ways To Create Atmospheric Lighting For Your Live Shows | Music Think Tank

When it comes to live shows, the lighting is big part of the crowd’s enjoyment. It can really make a difference in how they are able to get the full experience of your show. So don’t make the mistake of having sub-par lighting that doesn’t represent your performance in the best way. Use these four tips to create the best atmospheric lighting possible:


Surround the Arena


You don’t want to have just one area where lights are coming from. They should be displayed all around the area. This way, you can light the stage from different angles. The end result is a live show that seems to have more life and energy. When there is only one angle, entire portions of the audience do not have a great view of what is happening on stage, and that’s not something you want.


Use High Power Lighting


If you try to go with lights that are not meant for shows, you could end up with a weak source. You won’t have your lighting reaching the stage and lighting it up. Instead, it will be barely enough to make the performers visible. This is true whether you have a musical performance or speaker.


Adhere to Safety Precautions


There are over 71 electrocution deaths each year by accident. Hiring a commercial electrician is a smart way to avoid this kind of risk. After all, it’s simply not worth putting your or anyone on your team in harm’s way. Furthermore, an expert will be able to save you time. They can wire complex systems in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it yourself. That way, you can focus on the other aspects of your event.


Use Colors Wisely


Avoid the temptation to use only white lighting. You want to add excitement and energy to the live show. Mix it up with various colors. Also, consider varying the colors with switches and multiple light sources. But be sure the colors go with the theme of your event. It’s even better if goes with your band’s logo colors.


When it comes to creating a better lighting effect for your live shows, you don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the options. Instead, you should embrace the key tips above. They will help you create a better atmosphere, save time, and stay safe. At the end of the day, all those things will help your show be a winning success like never before.


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