Thursday, June 6, 2019

Structure Your Campaign Using 2019's YouTube Best Practices | hypebot

1With video now more important than ever, and YouTube reaching more consumers on it's mobile platform alone than any US television network, having on confident handle on the the best practices regarding the video sharing site is essential.


By Stephanie Kurse, Manager, Video Services at The Orchard from The Daily Rind

Thanks to The Buggles, we’re all well aware that “Video Killed the Radio Star,” but video is more important than ever now that YouTube has taken music to another level. With over one billion users (aka almost one-third of the internet) and over one billion hours watched daily, YouTube is able to reach more people in the US than any TV network on mobile alone. Diving into Creator Studio and joining the YouTube wave is a must – especially in this digitally driven music landscape.

Creating an account and posting content to your channel is a great start but stopping there won’t cut it. YouTube is the world’s second largest search and traffic engine in the world, and accessible by 95% of the internet population. So how do you ensure that your artist’s content and channel get noticed?

Luckily, The Orchard has your back. We’ve put together the following 2019 best practices to help you grow and optimize your channel, content, engagement, and in turn, revenue on YouTube. Stay tuned and press play on the below slideshow, and learn how to make others do the same on your YouTube videos.


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