Friday, June 21, 2019

Spotify Users Angry Over Update | hypebot

Spotify newThe latest update to the Spotify app was designed to "streamline" the user experience. But many users are unhappy with at least two of the changes, and some are even moving to other services.


In the new app design,  Spotify removed the alphabetical scroll bar and Recently Played tab, replacing them with “Playlists,” “Artists,” and “Albums.” The revised app also puts podcasts on an equal footing with music.

Spotify users have taken to Reddit, Twitter and other online forums to express their frustrations.  

"Fuck that bullshit! You can swap as much shit around as you like but dont fuck with the God damn A-Z artist and album selected I've created over the years of PAID service!

THANKS for putting all my songs in one album in chronological order of likes! Now force me to follow hundreds is single artists pages that were already perfectly fine on my page 24 hours ago."

"Basically they removed the Songs tab and the Recently played section. And the albums tab only shows full albums that you have saved, so if you have 3 songs from the same album, they would be in the ‘liked songs’ playlist instead... which doesn’t have an alphabet scroll bar."

"Also: saving an album doesn't save the album's songs to your liked songs list. That needs to be done separately.

And we can no longer see artists whose songs we've seen in the Artists section. Only ones we "follow."

I've been lurking this sub for awhile now after 8 years with Spotify. Still not sure how things will shake out."

"There is no alphabetical "scroll bar" on the right side of the liked songs, artists, or albums pages. If I want to play a song that starts with "Z", I have to manually scroll all the way to the bottom instead of tapping the "Z" letter on the right side like before.

The recently played tab is a huge downgrade. It's now on the homepage, features far less artists/playlists, isn't customizable (i.e. you can't remove an artist or playlist from it or re-arrange it), can't be used in offline mode, and, worst of all by a country mile, when you click on a recently played artist it takes you to their artist page instead of showing you which songs you've saved by that artist."


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