Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Clio Awards editor-in-chief Tim Nudd on fly fishing, sinking boats and his love of a good lobster ad | Advertising Age

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Tim Nudd is editor-in-chief of the Clio Awards, one of the more prestigious advertising and design awards shows in the industry. Part of that gig involves being the editor of "Muse by Clio," which offers content and commentary on ads, creatives and the work they make.

In this episode of “Ad Block,” Nudd talks about living the not-as-quiet-as-you'd-think life in Maine, away from the bustle of the major ad markets, where he spends his free time fishing, camping, fishing and lobstering.

And fishing.

“You slowly, through a catapult motion, let out more and more line,” he says. “A lot of fly fishing is done on rivers where it’s sort of a precision thing. You try to throw a fly in a particular part of a river where the fish are congregating. If you go to L.L. Bean they’ll teach you how to do it. They’ll actually have a little circle set up. You’re 30 feet away and you’re trying to land a fly."

He also weighs in on Billy Joel and the appeal of British period dramas and relates a tale of a bachelor party at sea—though not his own.


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