Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Daily Beast’s Mia Libby on rediscovering her love of skiing, managing stress and ‘90s boy band nostalgia | Advertising Age

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Mia Libby is chief revenue officer at The Daily Beast, responsible for developing and growing the brand’s income streams, including digital ad revenue. The Daily Beast has focused on increasing audience engagement and loyalty and introduced new content offerings including subscriber-exclusive newsletters and podcasts like “The Last Laugh,” which features comedians getting real.

In this episode of ‘Ad Block,’ Libby talks about getting back in the game after years of skiing competitively when she was younger. She’s also introducing her kids to the sport on the same slopes where she learned. “To me, skiing is a real de-stressor, and that becomes really important when you have a job like mine. I need to be able to do something that is not doing my job, that is not being a mom, that I really enjoy," she says. "It’s really fun to rediscover this thing that I was once good at and be good at it again."

She also weighs in on proper cold-weather attire, ineffective ad jingles and the inexplicable allure of tapas.


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