Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Squarespace CCO David Lee on meditation through photo manipulation and his complete lack of karaoke experience | Advertising Age

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David Lee is chief creative officer at Squarespace. Since joining everyone’s favorite platform for wedding websites, he has spearheaded five Super Bowl campaigns, featuring celebrities like Keanu Reeves performing motorcycle stunts, and John Malkovich and his fashion line, which won an Emmy Award.

In this episode of "Ad Block," Lee talks about how he discovered that editing photos gave him time to himself to think about everything else going on at work and in his life. “I started to do portraits just to test some of these post-production tricks of the trade. But I didn’t think that it would become this really zen, meditative, quiet time,” he says. “It’s like this repetitive task that you’re doing, and you’re not really even thinking about it, so your mind can drift. You can actually multitask very well.”

He also weighs in on skateboarding as a kid, awkward anagrams and buying a technically-road-legal electric bike.


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