Monday, May 13, 2019

NMPA Chief Compares Spotify To Uber As Songwriters vs Streamers Battle Escalates | hypebot

image from theurbanbuzz.comOn the day that Uber went public, NMPA head David Isrealite used the IPO to fire the latest salvo in the escalating battle the pits music publishers and songwriters against Spotify and other music streamers.

“Question: what are the differences between Uber and Spotify? Both are tech cos (not transportation/music cos). Both lose money. Both went public and enriched owners while most important input (drivers/songwriters) struggle with low pay. Is one better than other? If so why?” tweeted Israelite.

The comparison of Uber drivers to songwriters is not a direct one. But as Israelite pointed out  in a follow up tweet, unlike Uber drivers, pubilseehs and songwriters are subject to a compulsory licence. which means that they"can’t "pull" music off Spotify. "Spotify can use our songs whether we agree on a price or not," says the NMPA outspoken boss.


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