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Social media using instagramFor music biz entrepreneurs, it's important to always be on top of your game when it comes to staying ahead of your market competitors. In the current era, Instagram and email are the two best platforms for making this happen. Here Pete Campbell breaks down the best strategy for Instagram promo, how to most effectively execute an email marketing campaign, and how to combine the two.


Guest post by Pete Campbell

As an entrepreneur, you must always stay at the pinnacle and play your marketing games in a smart way. That is the best way to beat your closest competitors and expand your business. Of all methods, email marketing and Instagram promotion are the best ways to survive in this age of stiff competition. There is no doubt about the same.

The traditional approach is sending text-based emails and hoping that your customers will read and act on them. That means visit your website and check out your products or services offered. No, it does not work that way anymore. No one has so much time and patience to read text emails. These messages will be left unread and finally abandoned. The new game is Instagram and email marketing that gained traction over the last few years to help you reach out to a wider audience base.

By incorporating Instagram and email marketing, you can devise a unique and innovative way to promote your product or services. It will help your company gain more customers and business in the days to come. According to an article published on, you can post photos that tell about people’s lifestyle instead of highlighting the sole product. Once these images gain traction, you can integrate the post links into your emails and send them to your potential buyers. Read on to learn how to make the most of social media marketing leveraging email and Instagram.

Instagram promotion

When it comes to Instagram promotion, it means sharing your visuals, images, and videos on the photo-sharing app and then sharing your content on your business Instagram page. These will appear on the newsfeed of other Instagram users in no time.

Insta changing social mediaInstagram is a visual site and therefore, you must post the best pictures and videos related to your business and brand. This way, your users will like your content, share, and comment on them. With the link, users can read about your brand and products together with the visuals.

It is a more direct marketing form where the customer is aware of your products, what to expect from your merchandise when he or she wants to purchase them. It is that simple and obvious. There is no place for ambiguity and confusion later in the process.


Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is more advanced than traditional email sending to your prospective buyers. Today, just describing your merchandise and hoping that your prospects will read and respond and then subscribe to you’re the list is living in fool’s paradise.

Modern email marketing is all about shooting targeted messages to your targeted audience, who shall receive details about your products in a visual form supported with crisp and lucid marketing copy. The copy must be persuasive enough to make the CTA clickable. Only including walls of text will not help you in this age of speedy business environment. You can provide your prospects with an option to subscribe to your emails or services.

Make sure you shoot monthly newsletters with information related to your company, products, services, and upcoming discounts and deals to keep your prospects informed. That way they can make a wise purchase decision.

You need to ensure that your email marketing content is short and simple with the relevant photos. This is where Instagram images play a significant role. Besides, when you post high-definition images and integrate them into your email content, you also get an opportunity to buy real Instagram likes.

Make sure that your emails do not look vague and dull. Again, if the text is too much, people will not read because they do not have the time to read a long message. Therefore, Instagram is the best bet in this regard.

The ideal combination

Combining email and Instagram is the key to the success of your marketing efforts. There is no doubt about it. Continue with email promotion. Instead of adding too much text, balance the content with relevant Instagram photos, providing thumbnails from your profile page about the items that you want to sell to your customers. You can also highlight how many users have liked your products, made comments, and shared the images. This way, people will feel that you have a genuine business and quality products to sell.

Integrate Instagram marketing campaigns as well as incorporate direct links to your business Instagram profile. That is the best thing you can do. Request the mail recipients to follow your Instagram page instead of asking them to subscribe to your emails directly. If you have quality products and content to show, people will like your merchandise and willingly subscribe to your email newsletters. This way, more individuals will follow your brand and products. Try this strategy and you will see positive results in a short while. Even the big brands are using these marketing tactics to gain traction.

The Benefits

There are many advantages of email and Instagram marketing. People love to see visuals and respond to them more than walls of text. Email messages with a short and simple persuasive copy with the relevant product images will do the magic. The link in the email will guide your prospects to your products page, where they can read more about your merchandise. If they like the product features and the images, they will buy your merchandise. Therefore, the trick is composing short, crisp emails with supporting visuals to spur interest.

With Instagram thumbnails, people will click on them and see what your products look like. It only takes a few seconds to look at a picture than reading chunks of text. Therefore, it gives an opportunity to your buyers if they like to buy from you or not. They do not need to wait for the entire information and then decide. People will get a better perspective from your product visuals instead of walls of text. Therefore, make the most out of Instagram and emails to achieve your business goals.


Now that you know how to leverage Instagram and email marketing, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level for increased sales and revenues.

Author Bio: Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights clients, helping them to buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write, and play baseball.


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