Friday, May 10, 2019

How To Fine Tune Your Discover Weekly Playlist: Official Tips From Spotify | hypebot

Headphones.png.625x385_q100Spotify has shared some official tips to fine tune your Discover Weekly playlist - even after your friend decided to play guest DJ on your phone.

  • Tell Spotify you love a track by clicking the heart next to it on mobile or desktop. This action also adds it to Your Library.
  • Tap “follow” for artists you like to get their music in your recommendations and keep up with their latest releases. Similar artists will also likely find their way into your Discover Weekly.
  • Add songs you really like to your own personally-curated playlists. That lets Spotify know that you really, really like it.
  • Just listened to a track you didn’t like? Don't worry - it won't affect your taste profile unless you listen to that same song repeatedly.
  • Go into private mode if you're listening to the type of music you don't want to see in your Discover Weekly.

More details are available on Spotify’s For The Record blog.


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