Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How advertisers need to think about connected TV | Advertising Age

Connected TVs are becoming a much bigger part of how consumers watch content. But measuring viewership on these devices continues to be a challenge.

“All the data we have is at the household level,” says Pooja Midha, president of the ad tech firm TrueX, which was recently acquired by Walt Disney as part of its deal with 21st Century Fox. This means it is difficult to know who is actually watching, whether it is a mom, dad or child tuned in or if there is co-viewing happening.

TrueX is looking to solve for this by creating interactive experiences that present viewers with the opportunity to offer up this information in exchange for something else, like a reduced commercial load or commercial-free episode of content. 

“When we give consumers an incentive to interact by offering them a reduced commercial load in exchange for better attention to this unique experience they spend an inordinate amount of time with us in this experience, far more than they are required to,” Midha says.


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