Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Full Screen Direct Shutters As D2F Takes Another Hit | hypebot

image from mondrian.mashable.comFullccreen Direct is shutting down all operations The direct-to-consumer platform which served 75 major music clients including Metallica, Kid Rock, Justin Timberlake and Keith Urban was the backbone of their direct to fan eCommerce and online fan clubs.

Formerly known as StageBloc, Fullscreen Direct and its parent Fullscreen Media were part of the AT&T purchase of Otter Media last August. A major reorganization announced yesterday will lead to the layoffs of about 10% of Otter Media's full-time and contracted staff. 

The Fullscreen Direct shutdown comes just days after direct to fan funding platform PledgeMusic, which suspended operations in February leaving hundreds of musicians unpaid, entered pre-administration, the UK equivalent of pre-bankruptcy.


[from http://bit.ly/1n4oGj7]

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