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Are You New to SEO? Here’s Some Reminders on Why It’s So Important in 2019 and Beyond | Evolvor Media

Search engine optimization, commonly known in its abbreviated form SEO, is a process embraced by website owners around the globe to ensure that their site can be crawled and subsequently ranked by the internet’s various search engines. Specifically, it is the process of attracting traffic through ‘free,’ ‘organic,’ ‘editorial,’ or ‘natural’ means.

If you own a web page, then it is crucial that you get to grips with SEO right away. To find out the importance of doing so, make sure to read on.

seo in 2019

It helps sites rank higher

SERPs.ca SEO, a leading authority in the field, state in their own The Importance of SEO section just how crucial this process is to rank higher in search engines. They say that if a site isn’t optimized for the likes of Google and Bing, they will find themselves appearing on that dreaded second page (and it really doesn’t get any better the further back they go). If your web page was to appear anywhere but the first search engine results page (SERP) when a search is conducted in your market, you would find it hard to draw traffic and ultimately convert your leads. Why? Because web users don’t have the patience to venture further than the first page. It is crucial, then, that you embrace the SEO process and do all you can do rank higher.

It builds credibility and authority

For your website to stand out above its competitors, its need to be a credible and authoritative source of information. The SEO process will help to build both of these all-important elements.

In order to help SEO do its job in building credibility and authority for your site, you have to fill your site with a number of crucial elements. Some of the things you must do in this instance include:

  • Creating quality backlink profiles
  • Promoting positive user behavior
  • Getting to grips with machine-learning signals
  • Optimizing all of your on-page elements
  • Mixing it up with regards to the content that you upload (text, images, videos, infographics, etc.)

It promotes better user experience

Today, web consumers are experienced enough to know what they want from the websites they visit; they want speed, they want easy navigation, and they want engagement. If you embrace SEO, your site will be able to enjoy an improvement when it comes to all of these factors. This is because the SEO process incorporates a user experience that is wholly positive.

It increases conversions

Local SEO, especially, is proven to increase conversions and bring businesses more profit in the long run. This is because it allows customers in the vicinity of your company to unearth details about you. Ultimately, this results in them knowing where to find you, how much you charge for your products and services, and what code of conduct you adhere to.

If you weren’t already aware of the importance of SEO, now you are. If you own a website, you should be embracing this process as soon as you possibly can. As a result, you will be sure to attract more traffic and, subsequently, more custom.

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