Tuesday, May 28, 2019

10 Rules Of Music Industry Networking | hypebot

4As with so many industries, networking is paramount to finding success in the music business, regardless of what area you may be operating in. Here we look at ten key rules for effectively conducting yourself in way that will help you make connections and be remembered.


In this piece on MusicThinkTank contributor Johannes Ripkin builds on the advice of Bobby Owsinski to give industry entrepreneurs some advice on how to network in the music business.

"Keep it casual! This is definitely advisable for networking. No one likes a tense, strained mood while networking and that’s not helpful if you want to build a relationship. With the right mindset and the right preparation, you will meet people at eye level, which definitely helps not to be put under unnecessary pressure, no matter who is in front of you.

I can’t completely agree with the tip of not being a stalker, but would even recommend it when preparing for a meeting, if you use the information obtained intelligently and subtly. What does that mean exactly?"

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