Friday, April 5, 2019

Take Some Notes—4 Ways To Deepen Your Love Of Music | Music Think Tank

Music can help improve memory and mood. It is also just fun. If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with music, here are some guaranteed ways to do that.


Knowledge Is Power

If you want to appreciate music better, you should take time to learn more about music. Read articles and books about the history of music and influential artists. Feel free to learn about and explore genres and artists you already love as well as ones you don’t care for as much—you might find some interesting commonalities.

If you want to learn more and appreciate music at a higher level, invest in your desire for knowledge. Buy an instrument and learn to play it! Take lessons. It will help you appreciate how talented professional musicians—especially for your chosen instrument—really are. You might even have so much appreciation that you try to create music yourself!

Listen to Music in the Right Way

Listening to music on an old car radio has its place in life but it might not be the best way to truly experience it. Instead, listen to music on high quality headphones or a high quality speaker system. The difference in sound will give you the opportunity to hear nuances in the music that you might have never noticed before as well as hear the music as the artist intended it to be hear.

You also want to try to go hear music live. Many people would say that live music is the real way to experience it. While it’s not always the best way to truly feel the music, it’s definitely a unique experience. This can also help you learn a little more about the musicians performing the songs and pieces you love so much.

Explore New Music

Some people stick to their favorite artists and bands. Start by listening to songs you’ve never heard before and bands that have collaborated with them. Ask friends and family for recommendations if you don’t know where to start. Don’t be afraid to venture out from your typical genres and style. As you explore new artists, you might find yourself exploring new genres, too. You might learn appreciation for a whole new genre if you give it a chance. Keep a list so that you don’t forget who to try or get stuck in that musical rut for too long.

Constantly Listen to Music

Find times to actually listen to music. You can listen in the car, while cleaning, and while exercising but you should also give yourself time to really listen and pay attention if you intend to get more out of the experience. Put music on when friends are over and discuss it. You’ll start to appreciate music more if you make it an integral part of your life.

Music is a very subjective and personal thing. When you make it a part of your life, you might be surprised how cathartic it can be. When you find music that you enjoy, be sure to share it with your loved ones and support the artists by buying albums and going to shows.


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