Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Staying In Love With The Craft Of Songwriting | hypebot

2As with so many creative arts, songwriting can often be an incredibly frustrating experience, and it can be easy for you to lose your inspiration and forget your love of the craft when compositional process grinds to a halt. Here we look at how to rekindle the fire and maintain your love of songwriting.


In this most recent post to MusicThinkTank, Caleb J. Murphy looks at how songwriters can maintain their love of the craft, even when faced with creative roadblocks.

"One way to really appreciate a song is to rewrite it. When you do this, you start to understand the (often simple) chord progressions, the imagery a songwriter uses, and the creative melodies they chose.

So try this: take a song from your favorite artists and rewrite it, line by line. Say the thing in your own words, then make your own chord progression and melody based on the original.

This is mainly an exercise to help your creative juices flow, but if you end up with a killer song of your own, then great! Either way, this should help reinvigorate your love for the craft."

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