Friday, April 5, 2019

Apple Music Is Now Cheaper Than Spotify, YouTube In India | hypebot

Apple music cardsThe race to the bottom continues as Apple Music cuts streaming music subscription rates in India weeks after Spotify and YouTube Premium launched there. New individual subscriptions have been cut to Rs 99/$1.43 monthly.

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From Indian Express:

Close to four years after it was launched in India, Apple Music has revised its subscription rates in India and made it cheaper to access its large collection from across the world. The new pricing offers the service as a monthly subscription of Rs 99 ($1.43) for individuals and Rs 149 ($2.15) for families. Students now get to stream music as just Rs 49 (71 cents) a month.

Incidentally, the move comes just weeks after both Spotify and YouTube Music started becoming available in India. Apple Music’s earlier subscription rates started at Rs 60 per month for students and the exact double for adult subscribers. Family users have to pay Rs 190 per month for full access. In comparison, Spotify Premium has a similar Rs 119 per month pricing. YouTube Premium is slightly more pricey at Rs 129 per month.


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