Wednesday, March 27, 2019

PosterMyWall Offers Low Cost Graphic Design Toll with 80,000 Templates | hypebot

image from d1csarkz8obe9u.cloudfront.netPosterMyWall offers a low cost d.i.y. graphic design tool to create everything from gig poster and flyers to custom images for social media, album covers and even video teasers. Its secret sauce is ease of use along with 80,000+ customization templates.

Payment is based on use - usually just $2-$5 to use a template - rather than an ongoing monthly subscription.

PosterMyWall has offers templates for both digital and traditional marketing. 

  1. image from d1csarkz8obe9u.cloudfront.netCreate a sweet album cover for your newest releases, featuring your band and your tracks. Use a wide range of artistic design tools to make the album cover you want.
  2. Create eye-catching posters and flyers for your gigs and concerts - perfect for printing and sharing online. Hand them out around your city, post them on every corner and across your social media platforms - spread the word anywhere and everywhere you can.
  3. Make your posts come to life with our engaging video templates. Keep your audience hooked by frequently releasing video teasers, announcements, fan signings and more.
  4. Create a buzz for your music online by using awesome free social media templates. Frequently engage with your audience by keeping them updated about your latest album, asking their opinion on your latest tracks, building up the hype before you drop your single and more. Simply select a template you like and customize it for your band.
  5. Save time on your marketing with our awesome Resizing feature. Customize a design you like and simply resize it for all other platforms with a single click.

Artists and marketers can use PosterMyWall to customize existing templates as well as create their own designs and upload them as templates. If you customize an existing template, or create a design from scratch and just save it in your private library. If you upload it as a template online, then others can access it and you earn royalties every time your design is purchased. 

Good marketing graphics keep existing followers hooked as well as bring in new supporters.


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