Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Pandora Adds 'Modes' For Custom Lean Back Listening | hypebot

Pandora-new-logo-image-001Pandora has added Modes, a new feature for both free and premium users to customize the listening experience on Pandora stations. New are selectable modes within stations including “Crowd Faves” (most thumbed-up tracks by other listeners), “Discovery” (hear more songs by other similar artists) and “Artist Only” (songs only by the station artist).

Some stations also feature "Deep Cuts" and "Newly Released" modes. Pandora’s classic "My Station" radio experience will remain the default.

Pandora Modes are now available on most Pandora stations (the stations users create by selecting a particular artist, song or genre). Users can go to one a favorite stations or create a new one, select “Now Playing,” and the Pandora Modes available for that station will be visible beneath the station name.

"You’ll start out in the original “My Station” mode, but once you select a new mode you’ll jump right into a new track and stay in that mode until you either select another mode or your listening sessions ends. Pandora Modes are currently available on the web, and will be available on Pandora’s mobile app in the coming months."


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