Friday, March 22, 2019

Michael Lang Responds – Woodstock 50 | Lefsetz Letter


You may have little interest in the social impact of the Woodstock legacy, but anyone who was there will tell you it was about way more than just the music.

W50 is not music by the numbers and we are not Live Nation or AEG looking to own the Festival world. This one-time event will not be back next year. We are independent and happy to be so.

You can look at our lineup and dismiss the headliners because they are headliners and have been for some time, and that’s because they make great music. Many of our acts are heavily committed to Social Change.

You can fail to look to the rich fabric of the undercard and you dismiss the incredible diversity and talent there as not worth a mention, But for you to ignore the power of music to once again move people to action is truly disappointing.

I think we are reliving some of the same issues we, (maybe not you), were passionate about back then. Civil rights, women’s rights, equal opportunity for all, ending a war we felt unjust, and awareness of the fact that our planet needed care. We gained a voice and we made a difference. Through music and community, we hope to help engage young people in these and other challenges once again affecting all of our lives, to encourage them to step up and make their voices heard.

We have a growing list of NGO partners like HeadCount and Conservation International as well as NGO’s coming from the likes of Miley Cyrus- Happy Hippies, JZ -REFORM, and Chance The Rapper’s Social Works.

And btw the Dentsu guys sold me! They wanted in. They saw this event as an opportunity with a payoff of doing some real good in the World.

Where will we be if we don’t all step up now ?

Best, Michael


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