Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Has Race To The Bottom Begun? JioSaavn Cut Prices 75% To Battle Spotify, YouTube Music | hypebot

Swan-4017568_960_720Leading Indian music streaming platform JioSaavn has cut the cost of its annual 'Pro' subscription by 75%. The move comes just weeks after Spotify and YouTube Music launched in India.

Previously, JioSaavn charged $14.49 or Rs. 999 for a full year of Pro, now it's just  $4.34 or Rs. 299 yearly. The subscriptions will cost Rs 399 or $5.79 in year two, according to reports. 

A similar Spotify ad free plan in the US costs $119.88 per year.

Even taking local income differences into account, $4.34 per year pricing in a country where only 1% of potential users pay for music at all, is certain to be a topic of discussion at Spotify's current re-licensing talks with the major labels.  

With much of the potential growth for Spotify and other music streamers likely to come from emerging markets like India, the issue, will not be easily resolved. 

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