Friday, March 15, 2019

10 Surprising Benefits Of Classical Music | hypebot

4While it may not always be generating the most buzz and excitement, classical music as a genre has a number of unexpected benefits to the consumer, outside of just a studying aid and making plants grow faster.


In this new post to MusicThinkTank, Jessica Dais looks at ten surprising ways in which classical music can be beneficial to the consumer.

"The benefits of listening to Bach and Beethoven aren’t limited to physical performance. There are also a variety of ways they can be applied to your mental and emotional health as well.

  • Better memory - Listening to classical composers promotes brain wave activity that is directly linked to the memory, according to the results of this study.

  • Enhanced academic performance - Have a big test coming up? Try studying with classical music in the background, as university research showed it can help you score higher!

  • Alleviated depression - This Mexico study discovered that classical music can also help alleviate the symptoms of depression."

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