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How to Market a Manufacturing Company in 2019 | Evolvor Media

It’s no secret that tech experts and SEO specialists enjoy working with manufacturers. This is largely due to the fact that their business models are rife with opportunities that allow for maximum effectiveness in digital marketing.

From a website that can help to fuel business growth, to content that can cover a wide variety of subjects and trends, manufacturers are often one of the most sought after clients for digital marketers. Knowing how to get the most from a manufacturing company and their digital presence is vital for those hoping to source new clients or those business owners who are looking for more effective marketing tactics for their manufacturing company.

Focus on Design

Manufacturers always have a responsibility to optimize design into every level of their company. Manufacturers build and create, and aspects such as your website, branding, logos, and even the right tone of voice can be all the advertising your business needs. Having weak design elements incorporated into your company simply makes you look unprofessional and inexperienced. Optimize design and your manufacturing business will reap the rewards.


One of the issues that has traditionally been a problem for manufacturing businesses is that potential clients always feel the need to explore options before making a purchase. No matter your product line, making sure that customers are able to get as much information regarding it as possible is vital. You can do this in a variety of effective ways. Look at:

  • Creating online product catalogs that can be browsed through at leisure
  • PDFs that can be downloaded
  • Product descriptions that tread the line between information overload and not enough
  • Video content that shows the product being used and handled

Create as interactive a product catalog as possible and your customers will see the value that you provide.Update & Upgrade

It’s easy to fall into routines, and those can end up costing you. Manufacturers will always have their preferred suppliers and processes, but these could be costing more than you need to pay. For manufacturers of electronics, chances are that you use a printed circuit board software option that will charge you extra for constant use.

Shake up your expenses by opting for alternatives, with CircuitStudio from Altium, one of the best performers. Never allow comfort to take priority over improvement, and always keep updated on where your upgrades can help you with marketing. Those upgrades and updates are key ingredients for a marketing campaign, and should be dismissed at your own risk.

Build an Ecosystem

This is one of the fastest growing trends for both SEO marketing and audience growth. Building an ecosystem simply means creating an online space where you and your customers can discuss new products or trends, and have questions asked and answered. The internet has allowed the concept of community to transform, and having your own business-related community can work effectively when it comes to customer retention and brand loyalty. Look at creating an online forum on your website, or simply use a Facebook community page for a similar result.

Manufacturing companies that are not prioritizing their potential marketing opportunities are the ones that will struggle to survive. There are so many avenues to explore when it comes to modern business trends that it is imperative that you start looking at the ones that suit your growth strategy. Doing so could see your business grow faster and stronger, with much more potential for the future.

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