Monday, January 21, 2019

Spotify To Sell $100 In-Auto Voice Controlled Player, May Launch In India 1/31 | hypebot

Spotify new rectangleSpotify is planning its first push into hardware with a long rumored voice controlled in-auto music player. It's not clear who will buy the $100 device, since the streamer is already accessible via voice control using Alexa, Google Play and its own in-house Spotify Voice.

Apple's Siri voice control does not play well with Spotify, and the streamer's move into hardware seems designed to provide an alternative eco-system that it fully  controls.

Spotify_voiceSpotify's new hardware will be built by Flex and cost about $100, according to the Financial Times. It will  sync to the car's system via Bluetooth and include preset buttons for playlists, along with the voice control based on Spotify Voice.

Launch In India

Meanwhile, a now deleted Terms & Service post on the site for Spotify's unlaunched service in India offered a January 31st start date.If the date was firm or just a placeholder is unclear. 

An end of month launch matches with what source told Variety last week, alongside the signing of a deal to bring the catalog of India's top indie label T-Series onto Spotify worldwide.


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