Thursday, January 17, 2019

Spotify Cuts 2 Of 5 From Preferred Distributor List | hypebot

Spotify new rectangleSpotify has narrowed its official list of "Preferred" distributors from 5 to 3 and added a slightly lower "Recommended" tier. In October, Hypebot broke the news that Spotify was publically ranking distributors based primarily on the quality of the metadata that they delivered with tracks.

Spotify for Artists 2019

Now, Spotify has cut two distributors from it's "Preferred" list. Under Artist Distributors, EmuBands has been dropped from the "Preferred" list to a new lower "Recommended" tier. Only DistroKid, which Spotify invested in last year, and CD Baby remain as "Preferred" conduits to Spotify for independent artists.

Distibutor Fuga lost its "Preferred" status as a Label Distributor, leaving only The Orchard with the top classification. FUGA is now in the "Recommended" category alongside a newly elevated Believe.

The list of established music distributors who do not have Spotify Preferred or Recommended Distributor status is long. Tunecore,  ADA, Caroline, INgrooves, Ditto, OnePRM, Symphonic and RouteNote are all noticeably absent.  Each continue to deliver new music to Spotify daily.

Apple Music has added a similar distributor ranking, as well. 

"No Collusion"

Just in case anyone might think that Spotify favored DistroKid because of their investment, the streamer added this:

"Our investment in any provider does not affect who is featured on this page, nor does it affect any decisions about how content is treated on Spotify's service.



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