Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Penny Fractions: Should Musicians Be Podcasters? | Penny Fractions

Hello, hello! I want to make two small announcements. Next week a copy editor will clean through this newsletter, which should address the ever persistent concern over my charming, but understandably frustrating grammatical errors. The other news is that today I made a Patreon page if you’d like to support this newsletter.

I tried a for pay newsletter last fall, but stopped after a couple months due to underestimating the effort to move apartments and other personal life shifts. This is why my Patreon is set up with two tiers: Supports ($3) that is essentially a tip jar to help with email distribution cost, you’ll see this in the goal. The next Stans ($6) tier will feature Patreon exclusive posts that’ll range from riffing on the news, book reviews, and whatever other short form content y’all might desire. The first Stan tier should arrive next week maybe around Spotify’s Q4 numbers...perhaps.

I’m up to answer any questions, and I can’t say enough thanks if you do contribute. If not this newsletter will keep arriving every Wednesday, but enough about me let’s chat about musicians and podcasts.


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