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Music Health Alliance Saved Music Community $40M In Health Care Costs | hypebot

1In a recent announcement, the Nashville, TN non-profit Music Health Alliance revealed that they have successfully saved the music community more than $40 million in healthcare costs during the course of the past six years, helping over 9,700 clients.


Nashville-based non-profit Music Health Alliance revealed that over the past six years, they’ve helped more than 9,700 music industry clients across the U.S. receive free health care advocacy and support, resulting in healthcare cost savings totaling over $40 Million.

This includes providing access to chemotherapy for a producer denied treatment by her health insurance, allowing her to spend more time with her daughter, the ability to receive a kidney transplant for a musician who had previously been unable to qualify, and multiple families saved from bankruptcy due to medical bills.

2In 2018 alone, MHA saw a 40% increase in clients served during insurance and Medicare open enrollment, totaling 3,100 members of the music community and more than $7.6 Million in insurance premiums and out-of-pocket cost savings.

In addition to advocacy work, MHA underwrote six Dental Days and provided $75,000 in dental care for uninsured clients, including dentures, root canals, x-rays, and cleanings. Additional Dental Days are planned for 2019 to meet demand from the industry, MHA said.

As well, MHA organized Breast Fest, which was held during the week of 2018’s Heal The Music Day, and provided free screenings to women without insurance in the St. Thomas Health’s Mobile Mammogram Unit.

And the Ben Eyestone Fund, founded in partnership with the late drummer’s family and St. Thomas Health, has saved 18 lives in 2018 by providing access to diagnostic testing and follow-up treatment.

Another 13 clients with non-life-threatening medical needs have received exams, diagnoses and treatment, all covered by the Ben Eyestone Fund resulting in $0 in medical debt, MHA said.

The non-profit’s FREE services, advocacy, education, and preventative care initiatives are provided thanks to generous individual and corporate donors. Donations can be made at Members of the music community can contact Music Health Alliance at 615-200-6896 or to learn more about their free services.

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