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Certain Songs #1427: Parquet Courts – “Instant Disassembly” | Medialoper

Album: Sunbathing Animal
Year: 2014

After an EP in 2013 which they released under the moniker Parkay Quarts, for reasons, Parquet Courts issued their full-length follow-up to Light Up GoldSunbathing Animal — in the middle of 2014.

In was on Sunbathing Animal where the primary influence behind the influences of Light Up Gold came more to the forefront. I’m talking of course, about The Velvet Underground, still freaking young people out with endless possibilities a half-century later.

And while their more noisier excursions were derived from the first two records, the best song on Sunbathing Animal seemed to come from the question: what if “Pale Blue Eyes,” but even longer and slower but with slightly more presence?

Thus, “Instant Disassembly,” over seven minutes of organ-enhanced dirge and drone, anchored by a song-saving guitar hook by Austin Brown that is repeated roughly 46,789 times while Andrew Savage sings lyrics like:

Mamacita, hold me now as I ache
She’s got a real firm grip and she’s rockin’
Trying to shake me awake
Turn on the white noise murmur of the AM band
And the last classic rock band’s
Last solid record creeps in
A call out of the blue from an old, old friend

And while Parquet Courts don’t really do “pretty,” when the whole band chimes in on the title for the chorus, it’s almost pretty in its almost-tunefulness, and has a neat coda when suddenly everybody is singing actual lyrics to that guitar hook.

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
It’s hard to inhale, yeah
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
It’s hard to inhale yeah
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
It’s hard to inhale, yeah

As they chant this over and over again over the slow drums and organ, “Instant Disassembly” take on the majestic grandeur song like “Lisa Says” or “The Ocean,” as it fades out and into the distance.

“Instant Disassembly”

“Instant Disassembly” performed live in 2014

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