Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Centrip Launches Music Industry Brexit Desk | hypebot

Brexit-EU-Button-Badge-200x200International financial services firm Centtrip, has launched a dedicated music industry Brexit desk to help touring artists, promoters, distributors and the wider music industry navigate Britain's chaotic exit from the European Union.

Constantly changing currency rates greatly affect the income of artists and music businesses working globally. Centtrip’s new specialized team will analyze the economic and political landscape and devise an efficient foreign-exchange strategy.

Centtrip’s music division launched in 2016 to maximise foreign income and minimise payment and international touring costs. The company now manages foreign income, expenditure and international for more than 400 international artists.

“Brexit is the biggest political event of a generation and its aftermath may have big financial implications for touring artists and promoters paying talent overseas," said Simon Liddell, Director of the Music and Entertainment division at Centtrip. “As politicians continue to float various scenarios, our clients in the music and entertainment sector are looking for clarity and guidance as this summer may become a chilling reality for the industry."

The dedicated Centtrip Brexit desk can be contacted on + 44 (0)20 3735 1747 or brexitdesk@centtrip.com

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