Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Proving The Point | Lefsetz Letter

The Eric Clapton Christmas album is amazing… and I’m a Jew…

I can’t remember when Clapton had a great album… You must listen.. It’s brilliant..

Kindest Cheers,

Jeff Laufer

This is the kind of stuff the papers should be covering, their upper middle class demo will eat it up. Instead I have to wait fully a month after its release to find out about it. I’m not a Christmas music guy, but I am a Clapton fan, and to the degree I’ve checked this out, it delivers. Forget the lyrics, it’s Slowhand playing new material in his signature style, this could be a million seller if the press just glommed on to it, they’re looking for something to champion, champion this! This is what so much of their audience is looking for. And they could own it, promote it, become heroes.
But they won’t.

“Happy Xmas”

P.S. Don’t be such a muso and reject this out of hand. You’re missing the point and proving that you’re still living in the last century when your opinion counted, but that skinny jean, leather jacket ethos is as dead as your iPod, today it’s not about judging someone’s music so much as finding something that works for you, and there’s too much for any of us to fathom, to know about, so we’re looking for pointers. As for one of Jeff’s other tips… Ghost, sold out the Forum this Friday night and you’ve never heard of them, but if you listened you’d dig the sound. Oh, that’s right, they don’t wear skinny ties and gaze at their shoes. This is another act that could be gigantic if the press got its head out of its ass and focused a bit more on what people truly want as opposed to following trends.

The way you do this is you search on an act’s name in Spotify and play their most popular track, the one with the most listens, to see if the music appeals to you. And if it does, you then go to the next most popular track and find out if the first’s a fluke and if it’s not you listen to more. But in case this is too much for you, here’s a link to Ghost’s most recent album:


Oh, you’re afraid of Spotify, of a free tier, you need to own your music? You officially no longer count. Don’t ask me why I’m in such a pissed off mood right now, it’s just that when you deal with the e-mail of wankers every day it gets to you, even though I know so many of you are reasonable.


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