Friday, October 26, 2018

Elton Responds | Lefsetz Letter

Dear Bob,look what you’ve done!

I adore Brandi and we have become friends.Her album is my favourite this year.

I thought what you wrote was truly wonderful.I am not good with compliments but I feel this is a fine way to say farewell to the road.

I will continue to write and record and sell next to nothing,but I feel I have other things I want to try.As you know,I am well aware of the business now.I am so thankful that my fans didn’t have to listen to my early albums on a fucking phone.I grew famous with real talent and if you scan the Billboard top 100 now,you will find it hard to find much to float your boat!!

Anyway,I digress.Thank you for coming to MSG,AND,for all the amazing kind words.
Coming from someone who tells it like it is it meant a hell of a lot.

Stay well AND feisty.
Love Elton.


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