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5 Mobile Marketing Trends
The mobile age is here. According to Statista, the number of people using phones to access the internet is going to increase almost seven times from 2016 to 2021. According to the same report, 49.7% of all of the web views worldwide come from mobile devices.
Companies wanting to stay relevant need to step up and overhaul their mobile marketing reach with strategic deployment of new technologies. In this post, we will explain to you how you can boost your marketing strategy quickly and effectively.
Chatbots are a simple piece of programming that can work for you 24/7. They can be used on social media or your websites as a way for clients to connect with you. You choose the level of sophistication you would like in your bot.
Will it just answer questions, or will it give advice on what to buy? Will it be programmed with an upsell feature, or be able to offer discounts on bundle purchases?
Say you were buying new headphones, for example. The bot would give you your options and possibly let you know about the matching screen protector, all the while learning more about you.
Imagine an employee that never gave the wrong answer and that never needed a break and you are part of the way to understanding the benefit of a chatbot.
The best part is that chatbots can be optimized to deliver seamless experience through mobile devices, welcoming new users with sleek and pleasant browsing experience.
Use A Lot More Video
Video is a very powerful medium. A short video can convey your message in a couple of minutes whereas a written description would take hours. We live in a very visual world. We want to make it as simple as possible for people to see what our product is all about.
In addition, video engages two senses – the sense of sight and sound. People remember the contents more easily as a result of this.
Short animated videos or quick informative clips are ideal for mobile devices and can be pushed seamlessly through a dedicated app.
Apps are different to chatbots and more for the person that likes to do things for herself. Mobile apps can be used as a fun way for clients to earn rewards and touch base more often. Take the AliExpress app, for example.
You can buy from it or you can play. Water your tree every day to have access to rewards or leave it to wither and die. Earn coins and coupons that you can use on the site. You get more rewards for visiting every day.
That’s just one example. Mobile apps give much more creative freedom than simple web page and can really connect you to your clients.
Optimized Pages
You know how important it is to make a good first impression, so you create the perfect site with all the bells and whistles.
That’s great, but now you need to do some optimization here fast. According to Statista, if the page took five seconds to load, you would already have lost 46% of visitors.
If it takes more than that, only around 24% of visitors would be willing to stick around while it is loading. The moral of the story? A great website is essential, but it must be kept clean and simple to reduce load times.
Make sure that the site loads fast and make sure it is optimized for desktop and mobile devices. It should load well and look great no matter what device it is being viewed on.
As businesses, we have access to far more data than ever before. Take advantage of that level of knowledge by using personalized campaigns. Did you know that Target has the ability to gauge what stage of life people are in to a reasonable degree of accuracy by analyzing buying patterns?
Take a note out of its book and use the data you have to provide personalized campaigns for customers. Say, for example, your client is a 16 year-old girl. Would sending her a discount voucher for a My Little Pony be a good idea?
On the other hand, you might notice that she buys art supplies. You can change things up and send her the voucher for the art supplies. The key goal with this exercise is to say to your client, “We understand what you like and we want you to be happy.”
You can use the technologies mentioned above, especially chatbots and apps to collect useful data that can help you improve the user experience and engagement. Understanding the needs of customers is crucial for any successful business strategy and these tools can help a lot with such knowledge.
The bottom line is that the face of mobile marketing has changed completely. If your mobile marketing strategy is set to send out an SMS only once in a while, it is time to embrace the powerful tools of today and deliver the level of service your clients expect from you.
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