Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sentric launches white label catalogue management tool | Music Business Worldwide

Sentric Music has launched a software and service platform that enables rights-holders to register works, track royalties, manage their catalogue, boost revenue and collect earnings worldwide.

Called RightsApp, the software is billed as a white label platform that Sentric is making available to anyone who wishes to use it including artists, songwriters and even other publishers.

According to Sentric, RightsApp automatically registers works worldwide using rights-holders’ existing partners or RightsApp’s own direct collection network, covering more than 100 of the world’s music markets.

Users are then able to track the usage of any copyright and collect royalties worldwide, before processing payments and royalty runs.

The platform also has the necessary functionality to manage contracts and agreements, as well as flag and manage any issues, disputes and counterclaims against a copyright.

Tunecore, which provides distribution and publishing admin for independent artists, is the first company to become a RightsApp client.

“For too long, music publishers have been faced with the same problems: limited visibility, incorrect data, lost revenue and an inability to pay clients accurately”

Sabine douglas, Sentric Music

Sentric’s Head of Product, Partnerships & RightsApp, Sabine Douglas (pictured), said: “For too long, music publishers have been faced with the same problems time and time again: limited visibility and control over future earnings; inconsistent and incorrect data; lost revenue and an inability to pay clients efficiently and accurately. RightsApp fixes all of these problems and more.

“This is a software solution for tomorrow’s music publisher today. It is able to monitor the activity and earnings of any song copyright anywhere in the world to a granular level, meaning that rights-holders are more empowered to serve their clients and spend more time thinking creatively.”

Sentric Music CEO, Chirs Meehan, said: “Sentric was founded on the idea that we could use new technology to shake up traditional publishing and make it work for everyone. For 12 years, our infrastructure has enabled us to manage hundreds of thousands of songs for rights-holders at every level and offer a fast, flexible, completely transparent service. Now we’re taking our technology to the next level and making it available for everyone.

Founded in 2006, Liverpool-based Sentric Music now has offices in London, Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles and represents more than a million works.Music Business Worldwide


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