Monday, September 17, 2018

Pandora Adds 'The Drop' Personalized Playlist - 'Daily Mix' Meets 'Release Radar' | hypebot

image from public.boxcloud.comPandora has just added The Drop, a personalized playlist for Premium listeners. The new feature uses machine learning to create a custom-built playlist from the artists the user plays the most, alongside new artists. The daily playlist automatically updates as soon as new music is released.


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Combining a bit of Spotify's "Discover Weekly," "Your Daily Mix" and "Release Radar," Pandora's new "The Drop" playlist aims to create a fresh daily listening experience for its Premium users.  It's a goal that Spotify. Apple Music, Soundcloud and others each approach in their own way.

Here's how Pandora's The Drop works:

  • Relevant songs are added the day that they are released.
  • The Drop is personalized to specific listening habits: "No need to search through lists of new releases that aren’t relevant to you-- our algorithms do the work for you and populate the playlist with your must-listen music."
  • Songs are listed in order, newest on top - view new tracks in the order that they were released, and keep track of favorite new songs - "no need to worry about them disappearing each week; we’ll feature up to the 100 latest."

The Drop playlist is only available to our Premium subscribers and trial users, but Pandora is hinting that if could roll out to all users. 


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