Friday, September 21, 2018

Music Copyright Law And The Consumer: Understanding The Basics | hypebot

2While copyright law is often covered from the perspective of musicians and labels, we don't often look at it from the point of the consumer. Still, even as a casual consumer of music, copyright effects us, often in more ways than we might guess.


In this piece from MusicThinkTank, Courtney Myers breaks down the basics of music copyright law and how it affects the consumer.

"If you legally pay for a song online or in the store, then pop it into your car radio or onto your smartphone and just blast it in your car with friends, you aren’t doing anything wrong. You don’t need a license or special permission to enjoy music that you rightfully own. That’s why musicians do what they do. They want you to enjoy their hard work and they want to become a household name that you tell all your best buds about."

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