Friday, September 28, 2018

Bandcamp Adds Territory Licences | hypebot

BandcamplogoBandcamp has added the ability to license albums to labels in specific territories to all label and Pro accounts. Here is how it works:

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Imagine you’re a label releasing an album and have partnered with a label to distribute it in another country.

In the album editor, you’ll see a new “add a territory license” link. Click that, look up your partner (they will need to have an existing Bandcamp account), add them, and then select the territory you’d like to license to them.

Bandcamp will notify your partner via email, and once they accept the license, they can choose to add their own merch and artwork to be displayed to fans in their territory. When fans in that territory purchase the album on Bandcamp, they will send the appropriate share of revenues to the partner. 

Says Bandcamp:

Our territory licensing tool allows you to add multiple partners, and to assign a partner multiple territories. Because all of this is done behind-the-scenes, fans around the globe will still be able to buy and enjoy albums you’ve licensed just as they have in the past. We simply make sure the money goes to the right people in the right places.


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