Friday, August 31, 2018

Why DJ Abroad And How To Do It | hypebot

1If you feel like you're getting into a rut with your DJ career, going abroad can be an excellent way to broaden your horizons and see something new while improving your DJing chops.


Guest post from Trill Trax

If a challenge is something you seek for your DJ career, playing abroad is a great way to fulfill it. Sometimes complacency can happen. After years of playing in the same environment, seeing “something new” can become scarce.

What makes DJing abroad a challenge is the shear variation of people encountered. Venues that cater to mostly foreigners will possibly play more Westernized, commercial music. However, those not particularly promoting to attract foreigners will allow a different realm of music entirely. 

Crowd interaction also varies in different countries.

From a marketing perspective, adding DJ residencies to your resume from abroad adds value. It shows that you’re well diverse. Your skills are not limited to a specific genre or demographic. 

In a way, it forces you to enhance all your skills. Music curating, crowd reading, resourcefulness, MCing and more, are a few skills that are developed. 

Considering many DJs today are also producers, what better way to cultivate interesting sounds, than to travel to a new country, whose view on music is different than yours. Artist development can also provide a lucrative avenue. Not to mention the potential to educate local talent about your knowledge of music culture.

Most importantly, DJing abroad teaches you to view the world as a whole, in how other people listen and react to music. You inevitably become an ambassador to not only share new music with others, but to bring back new music back home as well.

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