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Embracing Difference: A Look Inside OddChild Music [INTERVIEW] | hypebot

1In this piece we pull back the curtain of London based independent management company/record label OddChild Music, speaking with Artist Manager Luke Bunce about his experience, passions, and what everyday life at OddChild is like.


Guest post by Senior Label Manager Cookie Pryce of The Orchard from The Daily Rind

Founded by Marc Williams in 2011, OddChild Music is an independent management company and record label based in London, UK. The company was named after Labrinth who Marc described as an Odd Child due to his extreme talents. Home to gifted and different “Odd Ones” such as Etta BondAvelino and Raf Riley to name a few, OddChild embraces creative freedom across all genres, hip-hop, R&B, rap, reggae, dance and more.

To get a look into the everyday life of OddChild, we spoke with Artist Manager, Luke Bunce about his experience and passions, below.

So Luke, tell us a bit yourself and your role at OddChild Music.

Hi my name is Luke, I am one of the artist managers here at OddChild. I grew up in the Canary Islands where I caught the music bug at the age of 12. When I was 16, I moved away from home to London and began touring and playing in various bands. From there, I discovered the love of working with artists and management.

What do you need to get you through an OddChild day?

A cup of tea from Brooks Cafe — Best cup of tea in London guaranteed.

Tell us about an album or a project that you’ve put out that’s taught you the most about running a record label.

Definitely working on Etta Bond’s recent releases. We put that out completely independently, so whereas with a major label you may have ten different people working on their specialist areas, you are the point of contact for everything going on from start to finish. Of course, it helps having the support working with a great distributor like The Orchard.

3How do you go about discovering new talent?

Shows, word of mouth, or sometimes an email arrives in my inbox.

What is one piece of professional advice you would give another label owner or anyone looking to set up a label business?

Build up a good team and make use of each other. Everyone has different talents and strengths. Money can take a while before it starts to come in so everyone has to be on the same page from the beginning and do what it takes to make it work.

Tell us about an OddChild project that the industry should keep an eye on.

You guys need to be keeping an eye on one of our newer artist’s LEVi. His first release went out through OddChild, distributed by The Orchard, and received some great radio support. Mixing up sounds of the UK and Dancehall LEVi has just dropped his second single “Lock Off The Dance,” out now.

What the best thing about being independent and working with a distributor like The Orchard?

Having the freedom and flexibility to make your own moves around what feels right for your artist.

Learn more about OddChild on Instagram @oddchildmusicUK.


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