Monday, July 23, 2018

TuneCore adds Facebook monetisation for DIY artists | UNLIMITED | CMU


DIY music distribution firm TuneCore last week announced that artists using its platform worldwide can now get access to some of that new fangled Facebook monetisation. It will allow DIY artists to get paid when their music is used on both Facebook and Instagram.

“Between promoting streams, downloads, merch sales and tickets, Facebook has always given artists of any genre the opportunity to not only build a fanbase, but also make money with their music”, says TuneCore in a statement. “With Facebook Monetization, Facebook and Instagram users – your fans, in most cases – can search for and find your music through Audio Library features and use it to create and share personal moments on the Facebook and Instagram platforms”.

It continues: “We like to think of this as a look toward the future: As Facebook continues to explore new avenues and introduce awesome products and features, TuneCore Artists can consider themselves ‘ahead of the curve’ by granting permission for their music to be used, ensuring revenue collection will be cinch when all is said and done”.

TuneCore’s announcement follows various labels and publishers confirming their Facebook licensing deals earlier this year, allowing artists, songwriters and corporate rights owners to finally monetise their music when it is used in uploads on the social network.


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