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Tips To Buy A Digital Piano | Music Think Tank

In today’s post, I will give some clues to buy a digital (or electronic) piano. A series of tips and references that will help you to make your choice fit as much as possible to what you are looking for.

Due to the long experience that I have acquired over the years about this musical instrument, I will not deny that I have my own personal preferences and predilections in this of the digital pianos . Therefore, I will try to be neutral as far as possible without letting go the idea that in the end what you are looking for are precisely expert opinions and that you recommend specific models. Without further delay, I will explain.

Some 25 years ago, it was YAMAHA’s engineers who created a ” new musical instrument ” which they called ” CLAVINOVA “. Soon after, all the Japanese brands joined the car and brought out their own models as the CLAVINOVA was having quite a success among consumers, mainly Asians. As you already know, the pulsation (weight of the key, backward movement, etc.) is the aspect that you have to keep in mind for the choice of a good digital piano , followed by the sound quality and the aesthetics and the robustness of the furniture.

To give you an idea, the electronic pianos of those beginnings had nothing to do with those of now: the pulsation was ominous to such an extent that the teachers did not accept them as an instrument of study. The action of pulsation of then was executed by springs, reason why the instrument did not transmit the sensation neither the sound of a “real piano”.

Here it seems important to note that it will be in a grand piano where we are going to examine and, if the pulsation is not enough, it will be difficult to interpret in the same way in our exam what we do at home. Secondly, sound is also an important element although - from my point of view - something less than pulsation. This will increase its importance as we advance in level, since at the beginning we will only perform the execution without expressing too many details and nuances. Little by little - as we go up the level - we will be interpreting more and the sound will become an element of greater relevance and should allow us to transmit the feelings of the work.

So, summarizing this section on elements to keep in mind, the pulsation and sound are the two points that you have to value the most when choosing a digital piano . As I have already mentioned, from my point of view, the pulsation is key. Digital piano brands: In the market there is a very large offer of brands and models of digital pianos . Almost one per person. In the first place, we would have the Japanese brands that, as I have pointed out before, are the pioneers in this. Then we find some other American manufacturer whose product does not reach Europe, among other things, for not being competitive; and, finally, we have countless Chinese brands and sub-brands. Normally, the quality of a product is determined, to a large extent, by the economic level of the country where it is manufactured. It is in the engineering of each country where it is designed and invested in R & D.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good electronic piano, you will be right if you decide on any Japanese brand: YAMAHA , ROLAND , CASIO or KAWAI . If what you want is a cheap digital piano , you have at your disposal an infinity of brands with various names such as RINGWAY or PIANOONE, among others. Once the level has been decided, the prices of the digital pianos are already more complicated to define since, within the different manufacturers, there are very different qualities and prices.

We can find a CASIO or a YAMAHA around 700 euros or even at prices that approach 3000 euros. yamaha digital piano priceAnd what elements intervene in this price difference? All the above mentioned: the quality of the machinery (key action, texture, construction materials, etc.), the quality of the sound (number of Mb, quality of the speakers, polyphony, etc.) and the finish of the furniture (gloss lacquered, imitation wood, etc.). All these elements are what will make the difference in the price when choosing a digital piano.


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