Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Spotify subscribers score refund over excessive Drake peddling | UNLIMITED | CMU


There was interesting chatter on the Reddit forums yesterday after one Spotify subscriber said they’d managed to get a month’s subscription refunded after complaining about the streaming firm’s excessive Drake pushing.

Said subscriber reckoned that Spotify’s rather proactive editorial support for Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ was so OTT that it basically constituted advertising and – well – don’t we pay ten pounds a month to get rid of all the ads?

“I just messaged Spotify customer service on their website and told them I wanted a refund since this is advertising and I pay for premium with no ads”, said Spotify subscriber wrote on Reddit’s music pages, “and they have now refunded my last payment. Complain, take your money back, and let them know you will cancel if they pull this shit again. Money talks. Money walking away talks”.

Billboard says that other Reddit users then had a go at demanding a month’s credit from Spotify as compensation for having to look at Drake’s face more than is desirable when using the company’s app. Some were granted the credits, others weren’t so lucky, meaning refunds are presumably at the discretion of individual customer service agents.

Still, possibly a lesson for Spotify’s competitors there. Add to the front page of your app a “never fucking play any fucking Drake or make me fucking look at that fucker’s face” button and boom, there’s the gap in the market you’ve been searching for all this time.

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