Sunday, July 22, 2018

See You at Podcast Movement This Week! | Hear 2.0

I’m very pleased to be presenting at Podcast Movement this week, and I hope you’ll come!

I’m part of the Broadcasters meet Podcasters track, produced by Jacobs Media.

I’m going to talk about all the stuff I’ve learned on the way to a hit podcast. Stuff you need to know.

There will be some cool insights and some audio from our two latest projects, Inside JAWS and the forthcoming POPS about the life of Louis Armstrong and starring actor Reno Wilson.

Here’s a peek at a TV segment I did this past week on LA’s KTLA for Inside JAWS:

Inside JAWS has gotten a ton of positive media and audience attention. See what all the fuss is about at Podcast Movement (and listen and subscribe if you haven’t already).

Meanwhile, if you’d like to do some business while you’re there, reach out to me by email or through the Podcast Movement mobile app.

See you in Philadelphia!


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