Monday, July 16, 2018

MGT114: Finding Or Becoming An Artist Manager – Jamie New Johnson (SmartistU) | Dotted Music

Jamie New Johnson is a retired artist manager, author, and educator from Toronto, who started her music industry career planning educational workshops with some of North America’s top artist managers.

Jamie New Johnson

Jamie New Johnson

She then moved on to manage internationally touring artists independently, before shifting her focus back to education and starting Smartist University a.k.a. SmartistU (formerly Smart Band Management). SmartistU is a resource built for aspiring artist managers, self-managed artists, and musicians who want to start working with managers.

On this Music Growth Talks episode, Jamie New explained a ton about the world of music management, from managers’ responsibilities and the skills good artist managers must have these days, to a typical management deal structure and what managers usually look for in artists they’re considering to sign.

Listen to the show in full to also hear Jamie’s tips for managers on finding great talent, and for artists on finding great managers.

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