Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jane Dyball stepping down as CEO of the UK’s Music Publishers Association Group of companies | Music Business Worldwide

Jane Dyball, the widely respected CEO of the UK’s Music Publishers Association (MPA), has announced she will be stepping down from the role in the New Year.

Dyball has resigned from her position as CEO of Music Publishers Association Group of companies, where she also oversees London-based mechanical rights society MCPS and sheet music association PMLL.

Dyball initially joined as CEO of MCPS, PMLL and independent publishing collective IMPEL in January 2014 – later adding the MPA to her responsibilities.

Prior to this move, Dyball enjoyed a 20-year career at Warner/Chappell Music – running business affairs outside of the US and Canada, as well as directing business strategic issues on areas such as digital rights and collection societies, and setting up WCM’s digital rights initiative.

Her achievements over the past five years include bringing MPA’s group of companies under one roof, as well as steering MCPS in its first few years as a standalone business – during which it has paid down more than £16m debt.

Dyball has also revamped the MPA’s service to its members, and developed new licensing schemes at PMLL.

During the remaining months of her tenure, Dyball will see through the review of MCPS’s membership agreement and Strategic Licensing review.

Dyball said: “It’s always hard to know when to leave because there is always more to do, and these companies have a really great future.  However, I have either completed or set in motion everything on the ‘to do’ list that I wrote on my first day and it seemed the right time to move on.

“It has been challenging but rewarding and I have loved working with such a great team – both within the Group but also among our members and partners.  I’m really grateful to the Boards and members who I have tried my best to represent for letting me have this opportunity.”

“Jane has been the architect of a great evolution in the services we provide to members.”

Jackie Alway, MPA

Jackie Alway, MPA chair said: “Jane has been a force for good at the MPA for the last four years, driving innovation and positive change. The MPA Group of companies has been brought together and rendered streamlined and efficient.

“The MPA itself is now a dynamic organisation staffed by a talented and hardworking team achieving great things.  We are sharply focussed on defending publishers’ and creators’ rights at policy level, and beyond that Jane has been the architect of a great evolution in the services we provide to members.

“On her watch, the MPA has gained student members, a young members group, extended training and education events, policy updates for members and fantastic Summer and Christmas parties.

“We are so grateful to Jane for her energy, humour and vision.  We wish her further success in her next ventures and we look forward to the challenge of finding a new leader for our organisation who can build on these well-laid foundations”.

“It has been a pleasure and an education to work with Jane over the past years, which have been transformational for MCPS.”

Chris Butler, MCPS

Chris Butler, MCPS chair said: “It has been a pleasure and an education to work with Jane over the past years which have been transformational for MCPS during a period of systemic industry change.

“We are extremely grateful for her hard work and undoubted achievements and she will leave the company in fine shape for her successor as it enters the next phase of its development.

Richard King, PMLL chair said: “The formation and emergence of PMLL has coincided with Jane’s tenure as MPA Group CEO.

“Its success as a licensing body has been enabled by her vision and drive, for which all constituents of the printed music community are hugely grateful.”Music Business Worldwide


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