Friday, July 13, 2018

Is A Formal Education Important For Musicians? | hypebot

1The value of a formal education is often hotly debated in the music industry, with many artists and producing having found success through self-teaching alone. However, there are several perks to formal music education, which we explore here.


In this new article from MusicThinkTank, Lucas Cappel explores the issue of formal education in the music industry, and what value it has to musicians in the industry.

"The process of making music is very important but complicated. Schools help you understand the musical notes, tempo, melody, rhythm, etc. Learning about all these helps you advance your understanding of the music structure and composition.

Music classes also improve your memory retention. This is why many schools are introducing classes for students even in the lower grades. Statistics show that schools with music classes have a graduation rate of 90.2% compared to 72.9% in those that do not offer them."

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