Friday, July 20, 2018

Ditto Scores Distribution Of New Chance The Rapper Release | hypebot

Chance the rapperChance The Rapper has become the poster child for truly independent artists with his hugely successful streaming only releases. So Ditto Music being chosen to handle the worldwide distribution for his new release is a major score for the D.I.Y. distributor.



Ditto Music is now the official digital distributor of Chance The Rapper’s new material. Stormzy , MoStack, Hardy Caprio and early  Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Royal Blood are among the distributor's other big sellers.

Ditto was founded, self-funded and id still solely-owned by former musicians and brothers Matt and Lee Parsons, They distributed their first music on Christmas Day 2005; and now 50,000 artists use their flat fee, keep 100% of ownership and royalties service. 

‘Record Label In A Box’, which offers a one-stop package for smaller indie labels and artists, also generates more than $2.6 million for the company each year. Add-on services like marketing are available; and recently Ditto began to offer select artists advances and a 10-20%  fee in exchange for additional services. 

Ditto Music has 19 offices, including 2 in the U..S. and was named of Britain's top 50 fastest growing companies. Still, for any distributor partnering with Chance The Rapper is a major accomplishment.  

Score 1 for Ditto and D.I.Y. music distribution.



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