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Certain Songs #1272: Neil Young – “Someday” | Medialoper

Album: Freedom
Year: 1989

Recorded at Plywood Digital, Broken Arrow Ranch on July 25, 1988

The earliest recording that made it to Freedom was recorded with the same group of palookas that made up the Bluenotes, though they aren’t credited as such on the album.

That’s because Freedom is a Neil Young album, not a “Neil Young & the” album: fusing together all of his disparate styles into a single coherent album almost effortlessly, regardless of who was actually playing on the song. You had to go back to Harvest or After The Gold Rush to find another Neil Young album like this.

Which isn’t to say there wasn’t a core group throughout: the rhythm section of Chad Cromwell & Rick Rosas, as well as Frank “Poncho” Sampedro, who contributes the keyboard hook that anchors the song, and is probably part of the backing vocals, as well.

Working on that great Alaska pipeline
(Hooo! Hah!!)
Many men were lost in the pipe
(Hooo! Hah!!)
They went to fueling cars
Now smog might turn to stars
Smog might turn to stars

At first, “Someday” is just that keyboard hook alternating with Neil’s lyrics, so when the brass section steps forward in the middle of the song to basically play the melody in unison, it’s a truly lovely moment, the aural equivalent of smog turning to stars, which might happen, someday.


“Someday” performed solo live in Winnepeg, 2014

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