Friday, June 15, 2018

Your Favorite Songs For Testing Headphones, Speakers | hypebot

1Soundfly recently ran a short playlist of songs to use when testing new studio monitors. Following feedback from their Facebook community, they've now released a new playlist with recommendations from the community and over 70 more songs to include! 


In this most recent article on MusicThinkTank, the Soundfly Team looks at some community favorite tracks for testing now headphones or studio monitors.

"Prodigy — “Firestarter”

This song “sorts out good speakers from bad for me! Punchy bass and high frequency polyphonic shimmers give any ‘want to be’ sound system a good beating. If it can handle that, it can handle almost anything!” ~ Andy J.

Dave Brubeck — “Take Five” and Fleetwood Mac — “Second Hand News” and “The Chain”

On “Take Five,” listen for “the warm sax and the subtle percussion accents, as well as the solo drums.” The Fleetwood Mac suggestions “are textbook cases on well recorded and mastered songs.” ~ Julio M.

Daft Punk — “Game of Love,” David Gilmour — “This Heaven,” George Michael — “Roxanne”

“Game of Love” features “huge wide toms” and “great low end.” “This Haven” displays a “great mix and very pristine vocals.” And “Roxanne” has “awesome dynamics” to listen out for. ~ Ivo K."

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