Friday, June 1, 2018

SoundCloud partners with programmatic ad-tech company AppNexus | Music Business Worldwide

SoundCloud has partnered with independent ad-tech company AppNexus, in a deal which will offer SoundCloud’s audio and video inventory to advertisers programmatically via the AppNexus Marketplace.

Advertisers can buy 15 and 30-second pre-roll and in-feed audio and video spots from SoundCloud through open marketplace real-time bidding or through private deals.

They can target SoundCloud’s inventory based on age, gender, geography, preferred listening genre and device type.

“SoundCloud is the first place for listeners who want to discover what’s new and next in music, with a community of highly engaged and influential tastemakers, and we want advertisers to be able to reach this audience through easy, full service solutions,” said Chris Blackburn, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships, SoundCloud.

“We’re eager to leverage the strength of AppNexus’ global multi-format open marketplace and robust technologies to deliver a new solution to advertisers as we continue to expand our programmatic offering.”

“AppNexus is thrilled to partner with SoundCloud as it continues to evolve its programmatic business,” said Michael Rubenstein, President, AppNexus.

“Audio and video formats present a compelling opportunity for advertisers, who will now be able to reach SoundCloud’s community of young influencers and engage them with targeted advertisements through the AppNexus Marketplace.”

Spend on audio and video inventory in AppNexus’ Marketplace has increased 65 percent and 133 percent respectively, year-over-year (April 2018 versus April 2017).

SoundCloud’s ad-supported offering is available in nine markets.

The platform has over 180m tracks on its service, and estimates that 60% of its audience can be categroized as ‘millennial’.

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